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The emotional toll debt takes

The emotional toll debt takes

New Yorkers, like most Americans, work to afford a certain quality of life. However, there are times when this the money does not materialize as quickly as it gets spent.

When underwater with credit card companies, the stress it brings may seem unbearable. Collection calls and letters may overwhelm even the most level-headed person. Eventually, feelings of shame, grief and despair about the financial situation settle in, making it difficult to dig out. At Macco & Corey P.C. our team dedicates itself to helping you through the hurdles of debt. Bankruptcy may pave the way for a firmer financial foothold, and eventually, with an emotional one.

Debt collectors fuel the emotional turmoil

Collectors can bring you down, especially when they say hurtful things in an attempt to shame you into paying their clients. Some people feel emotionally bullied by these third-party callers, and it can lead to poor decisions. Before and during bankruptcy, a great sense of worthlessness and fear may take over and cause you to stall out on your decision to file for bankruptcy. The longer you wait to make this decision, the more dire your situation may become.

False beliefs about bankruptcy

Many falsehoods exist about bankruptcy, primarily if you have never known anyone who has gone through the process. For starters, there is life after bankruptcy. You can and will get credit again. In New York, you may keep your primary home and vehicle as long as the equity in them is exempt under the law. You may have to face some hardship at the onset of bankruptcy, but it is not long-lasting as long as you follow the procedure and then maintain good financial standing afterward.

Debt may make life challenging to manage. For further insight into how bankruptcy may help, visit our website here.