Foreclosure Lawyers in Long Island

Much of the media attention surrounding the foreclosure crisis has been on predatory lending and mortgages that were exorbitant in cost when offered and accepted by the homeowner. Often, people looked at rising home values and over-leveraged themselves by obtaining second mortgages and home equity loans. It was unlikely that as a homeowner you believed the value of your home could decline so dramatically, leaving mortgage debt far in excess of the value of your home or investment property.

Many people are facing foreclosure due to factors entirely beyond their control: increased expenses for gas, heating fuel and food, job loss, wage stagnation, and other problems. If you are facing the prospect of losing your home in a foreclosure action or seizure due to a tax levy, please contact us today to discuss your mortgage workout and foreclosure defense options.

Saving Homes for Families Is a Primary Mission at Macco & Stern

Our experienced attorneys are well prepared to analyze your situation and inform you of your options. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is one of the primary options to consider for stopping and eliminating foreclosure on your home.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing can enable you to restructure delinquent mortgage payments, so that you can satisfy the arrears over time. We may also be able to negotiate with mortgage lenders on your second or third mortgages or any home equity loans, seeking a discharge, a workout, such as partial payment or negotiating more favorable terms of payment. It may even be possible to void a second or third mortgage completely.

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We at Macco Law Group, LLP are caring attorneys with a knowledge of options and solutions that may work for you. We take pride in helping people exercise their legal rights — especially in situations where we can help our clients stay in their homes. We offer a free initial consultation to individuals, and encourage you to call us regardless of the status of your foreclosure or other debt problems.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code.