Bankruptcy Workouts And Non-bankruptcy Remedies on Long Island

Sometimes bankruptcy is not a viable solution because you would lose certain exposed assets or because transactions in your recent past could cause problems with your case. Our attorneys work directly with you, analyzing all the information to find the best solution. We help people with these problems by negotiating settlements and workouts and, in some cases, advise our clients what to do and not do in anticipation of a future bankruptcy filing.

Mortgage Modifications — Account Settlements — Common-Sense Solutions

For a wide range of clients, we have been successful in obtaining debt relief by other means than filing for bankruptcy. Often, when creditors know you have retained a well-known and respected Long Island bankruptcy attorneys, they become more willing to negotiate workouts and settlements. Our track record gives us excellent credibility with many creditors, and we are assertive negotiators. Our experience extends to:

  • Negotiating mortgage modifications that enable people to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes
  • Possibly eliminating second or third mortgages depending on the valuation of your home
  • Settling credit card accounts and other unsecured debts for a portion of the balance actually owed

We Thoroughly Analyze Your Debt Relief Options

It is essential that you be as thorough as possible in providing the financial information the court may require. Mr. Macco and Mr. Stern know all the right questions to ask to avoid problems with your petition. We put our decades of experience to work in protecting you throughout the bankruptcy process.

Our mission is to find a lasting solution to your financial problems — not to simply file your bankruptcy, collect a fee, and leave you on your own. Our integrity and experience are of considerable advantage to our clients. Please contact Macco Law Group, LLP today.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code.