Creditor Defense Lawyer on Long Island

In addition to our work helping individuals and businesses file bankruptcy, we are well qualified to fight for creditors’ rights under the law. Our Long Island bankruptcy attorneys have decades of experience helping creditors prevent losses and recover damages when the bankruptcy system is abused.

Macco Law Group, LLP has an impressive list of major companies that depend on our law firm for strong, productive representation of their interests in bankruptcy court. Our track record of success in this area has resulted in many long-term relationships. If your business could benefit from aggressive protection and pursuit of your creditors’ rights, please get in touch with our Suffolk County, New York, law firm to discuss your specific needs.

Challenging Improper Bankruptcies and Discharges of Debts

Our proven lawyers understand the Bankruptcy Code from all perspectives. However, there is a range of situations that can lead to a creditor having a legitimate case for challenging the discharge of a debt and the validity of a debtor’s bankruptcy filing. Companies, banks, and mortgage companies who regularly rely on us for creditor’s rights representation include major auto finance companies, mortgage companies, institutional lenders, landlords, creditor committees, individual creditors, and others.

Our years of service as court-appointed trustees are an additional assurance for you that we handle all matters with diligence and integrity, reflecting a deep understanding of bankruptcy law.

Representing Local Creditors in Mega Bankruptcy Cases

Our attorneys understand the rights of creditors in large bankruptcy cases. Often, a large corporation chooses to file bankruptcy in a state more favorable to their business’s organization such as Delaware. However, many manufacturers, trade vendors, and other support creditors operate on a more local need, servicing the various interests of the debtor in our community. Macco Law Group regularly represents such creditors’ interests in these large bankruptcy cases.

Call for Defense of Your Rights as a Creditor

When your company will be adversely affected by those filing bankruptcy, it is time to consult a Credit Card Debt Lawyer in Long Island and let him acknowledge you of your rights and your range of legal options. You will work directly with one of the partners in our respected firm, Michael J. Macco or Richard L. Stern, both of whom exclusively practice bankruptcy law.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code.