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Experience in negotiating helps us provide debt relief

Experience in negotiating helps us provide debt relief

Even though many people would prefer to have little debt, the reality is that there are many ways that debt can quickly pile up and begin to cause you considerable stress and hardship. Medical debt is one of the common culprits of financial challenges because medical bills can be exorbitant and many people find themselves unable to work for a significant period of time after a medical emergency. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed and think that there is no solution, this is not true. In fact, in the majority of cases, there is not only at least one solution but a range of non-bankruptcy remedies that have the potential to provide valuable debt relief.

While bankruptcy can be an extremely effective form of debt relief for some consumers, it is not always available to everyone. Additionally, there may be other options that are better-suited for your particular situation. There are many common-sense solutions that can help restructure or eliminate debt to put you in a better situation. Over the years, we have worked with many different consumers and their creditors, which has given us the experience and relationships we need to help consumers resolve their financial challenges and secure debt relief.

Mortgage modifications are one form of debt relief that can prevent consumers who are struggling with burdensome debt from losing their homes. When you have a mortgage, even one missed payment can set you up for foreclosure if the lender chooses to initiate a foreclosure action. Because we are experienced negotiators, however, we have been able to work with banks and lenders to negotiate a mortgage modification that enables a homeowner to get back on track and avoid foreclosure.

In terms of credit card debt, negotiating an account settlement can also be very effective. In many cases, it is possible to discuss options with credit card companies and arrive at an agreement where a consumer pays only a portion of the original balance owed. This can be an effective form of debt relief for consumers who have enough income to meet their day-to-day expenses, if only they are able to overcome lingering debt obligations. For more information about how we have helped consumers like you, please visit our website on debt workouts and other debt relief remedies.