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Know when to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When you are having financial problems in New York, you may sometimes think that putting more money toward your debt is the only solution. Sometimes, though, this solution may not fix your current situation and you may need a more serious plan of action. At Macco and Stern, LLP, we understand that some people are wary of bankruptcy. That's why we are committed to making sure you have all the information you need to determine if Chapter 7 is a good option for you.

Why are people still ashamed of filing for bankruptcy?

You have been struggling with your finances for some time now, but the main thing holding you back from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the stigma you believe is attached to those who go bankrupt. The thought of filing for bankruptcy may raise your anxiety level, as well as instill numerous other negative feelings. However, you are not alone if you feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit you need help. Other New Yorkers are struggling with their perceptions of a social and financial stigma surrounding bankruptcy.

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