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Answering your questions about bankruptcy filings

Answering your questions about bankruptcy filings

People in New York who are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy have usually already faced quite a few financial challenges. For some, the march toward bankruptcy has been years in the making, as credit card debt has piled up and left them with few options. For others, the financial problems have occurred more suddenly, perhaps due to unexpected life changes, like a health condition that results in significant medical expenses or the sudden loss of employment in a struggling economy. Whatever the reason, these individuals and families have arrived at the conclusion that a personal bankruptcy filing is the best option to address these serious financial issues.

But even those who ultimately decide that bankruptcy is the best debt relief option they have will likely still have many unanswered questions. Most people will have specific questions about the process, such as when and where to file, while others will likely have questions about the legal aspects of the bankruptcy filing, such as which assets might be exempt and how soon the automatic stay will go into effect to put a stop to foreclosure actions and creditor harassment. The good news is that the answers to these questions can be found.

At Macco and Stern, we do our best to make sure that our clients have all of the information that they need when they make what is perhaps one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. Bankruptcy law can be complicated, so it is only prudent for New York residents to do their best to get the answers to the questions they have about the process.

Living with overwhelming debt can be immensely stressful. For more information about bankruptcy law and how our law firm might be able to help, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.