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Which debts should you pay first?

Which debts should you pay first?

New York residents who fall into debt often have a long road ahead of them to get back out. Paying off debts sometimes feels like a monumental task. Today we will take a look at some of the strategies that may be useful in tackling debt. We will start with which debts to pay off first.

The necessities should come first in any situation. This is true in debt repayment as well. Utility payments, mortgages and car loans fall under this category. If you miss these payments, there are severe consequences. Creditors can shut off your utilities. They may repossess your car. They even foreclose on homes in some cases. This can leave you homeless, without a car and without necessities like heat in winter. The fortunate thing is the fact that these debts have slower interest rates.

Legal obligations come next. This includes things like tax payments or child support. You can work together with an agency to create a payment plan. This allows tax or child support agencies to get their money without further debt.

After that, start paying off debts from the highest to lowest interest rates. The higher the interest rate, the more debt you build up when you cannot pay. As soon as you get those out of your way, you will accrue less debt. When you pay these off, you can focus on deferred loans like student loans.

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