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What is the Chapter 7 timeline?

What is the Chapter 7 timeline?

When you file bankruptcy, it may feel like you do a lot in the beginning and then sit around waiting for a long time before anything else happens. What you may not realize is all the work going on behind the scenes.

According to the U.S. Courts, during your bankruptcy, you, your attorney and the trustee all have timelines you must follow.

Your duties

You will have quite a bit to do when you plan to file and right before filing. You must complete your first credit counseling course prior to filing your paperwork. You also have to gather all of your financial documents and details to provide them to your attorney so that he or she can put together your bankruptcy paperwork.

You must then attend the meeting of creditors or 341 meeting sometime between day 20 and 40 after your attorney files your bankruptcy petition. Within 60 days after that meeting, you must complete the second credit counseling course.

Your attorney’s duties

Your attorney will work throughout the case to file papers as requested by the trustee. He or she must draw up the proper documents and submit them before set deadlines. For example, seven days prior to the 341 meeting, your attorney must ensure the court has your most recent tax returns and must also file a statement of intention. After the meeting of creditors, your attorney has 60 days to file any reaffirmation agreements.

Your trustee

Your trustee works on your case and many other cases in your general geographic location. He or she is busy with meetings and making requests. The trustee also will check over all paperwork and carry out any investigations according to the timeline set by bankruptcy law.