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Personal bankruptcy provides a fresh start

Personal bankruptcy provides a fresh start

Many people have faced difficult economic times in the past decade. Since the Great Recession, many individuals in New York have found it hard to get back to the economic success they had in the early 2000s. For many individuals this is not been possible. People are struggling with a variety of new challenges. Healthcare costs have risen, gas prices have fluctuated, housing is more expensive, people are earning lower wages and jobs are hard to come by. These factors combined make the economic picture difficult for many New Yorkers.

As a result, many New Yorkers have racked up uncontrollable debt. People are struggling to make ends meet and they are looking for ways to start over. As the economy has gotten better, many individuals have been unable to take advantage of the benefits. Many individuals are still struggling to make minimum payments and get out of the cycle of debt.

Bankruptcy can often be the solution that New Yorkers are looking for. By filing for personal bankruptcy, individuals can get a fresh financial start. They can move forward with the new economy without the burden of debt from the recession. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy both provide a way for consumers to move forward. While there are unique requirements for each chapter, many individuals will qualify for debt relief.

The attorneys at Macco & Corey P.C., are dedicated to helping individuals in New York. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience working in this area. They have dealt with bankruptcy relief issues for people from all walks of life. We can help people get freedom from creditors, harassment and eventually debt.

Our compassionate attorneys understand that good people often end up in this difficult situation. We work with individuals to get the relief they need. For more information about personal bankruptcy and our law firm, please see our website.