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On medical debt, and how it can hurt you financially

On medical debt, and how it can hurt you financially

There are plenty of New York residents out there who have dealt with immense medical bills that have changed their lives almost as much as the medical condition that afflicted them — and caused them the bills in the first place. Medical procedures and surgeries are very expensive, even if you are insured. This debt can absolutely cripple an individual or a family, leaving them in a difficult position with their finances.

Medical debt is a major issue for many people, and they may turn to credit cards to help pay off this debt. But that only moves the debt to a new place, where it can accrue interest and become even more difficult to pay off.

Now imagine medications that are prescribed to someone who has had a major medical issue recently. What if you found out that you had to take — and refill — multiple prescriptions for years in order to help you with your recovery? What if the out-of-pocket costs associated with these prescriptions ran into the thousands of dollars every year? How frustrating would that be? The very thing that’s helping you live is also the very thing that’s killing you financially.

This isn’t meant to get you down if you have serious medical debt. It’s just a warning about this type of debt and the problems that can arise from continued prescriptions. These drugs are vital, so you can’t just skimp on them. Dealing with your medical debt is important, so if you believe that bankruptcy may be helpful for your situation, you should consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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