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Long Island attorneys can help those facing a financial crisis

Long Island attorneys can help those facing a financial crisis

If you are struggling to make ends meet month-to-month, are receiving threatening phone calls from debt collectors in Long Island or are even having your wages garnished, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to better your situation. The matter becomes even more serious if you are served with a summons and find yourself in a true financial crisis.

For example, you could be facing foreclosure proceedings or be served with a lawsuit regarding your unpaid credit card debt. You could be facing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) levy or lien. You could even be facing eviction from your apartment or you could lose your job.

Some individuals in Long Island in situations like these have found that filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for them, to put these difficulties behind them and start over with a clean financial slate. By filing for bankruptcy, debtors can have many of their debts discharged, freeing up the money they need to meet their remaining financial obligations and future financial goals.

However, filing for bankruptcy can be complex. You may not want to handle it alone. Fortunately, attorneys are available in Long Island to advise those who are considering filing for bankruptcy. The attorneys at Macco & Stern, LLP can assess the facts of their client’s case, as well as their client’s priorities, to determine whether filing for bankruptcy can help them. Our law firm’s webpage on credit card debt and bankruptcy may be a good source of information for those in Long Island who want to learn more about this topic.