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Do you need debt relief tips for the new year?

Do you need debt relief tips for the new year?

With the beginning of the new year comes a new opportunity to improve your financial health and enjoy a better life for yourself in New York. While you may have no problem making financial resolutions, you may stumble when it comes to sticking to those resolutions.

NerdWallet has financial tips that may help you. No matter if you want to start climbing your way out of debt this year or desire to maintain your current efforts, a bit of insight serves as a great starting point.

Give yourself smaller tasks

When you decide to pay off a specific debt, go one step further and break that task down into smaller pieces. For instance, decide what steps you need to take weekly or monthly to achieve half of your goal. If you have multiple debts, which one should you pay off first and why? Do you need to adjust your budget to help reach your micro-goals?

Get a full picture 

Do not just guess how much you owe, know for a fact how much debt you have to pay off. Sit down and go over all your debts, writing each one down along with the interest rate and regular payment date. Adding up your total debt amount gives you an idea of how much hard work and dedication you need to invest in improving your financial health.

Hold yourself accountable

Even the most dedicated person slips up now and then. It is best to get ahead of setbacks by deciding how to handle them before they happen. For example, maybe you can decide on a self-imposed punishment if you slip up, such as washing a friend’s car or cooking her/him dinner.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.