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Depend on us to help you challenge foreclosure

Depend on us to help you challenge foreclosure

Owning a home continues to be one of the primary American dreams. For this reason, most homeowners attempt to protect their home at all costs. When financial challenges occur and homeowners face the risk of foreclosure, this can be an exceptionally frightening and stressful time. Homeowners not only fear the loss of what is probably their biggest investment but also their family’s home, a place where special memories were made.

One of the first things we tell homeowners facing foreclosure is that the situation is not entirely their fault. Prior to the economic crisis and the bursting of the housing bubble, many mortgage companies were involved in predatory lending and other schemes that causes innocent homeowners to become trapped in mortgages they could not afford. The shocking declines in home values also placed many homeowners –who were otherwise financially stable — in untenable positions.

Our firm has experience in foreclosure defense that can help us serve homeowners facing foreclosure. We understand the laws related to foreclosure and know how to ensure that mortgage companies and banks wishing to foreclose follow these laws. In many situations, mortgage companies and lenders did not follow the laws relating to the paperwork or made other mistakes that can provide a valuable defense for homeowners.

We also understand–and can clearly explain to you–how the foreclosure process works and what kinds of steps are required by both parties when a foreclosure is challenged by the homeowner. Because the courts in New York are overwhelmed with foreclosure actions, simply exercising your right to make sure the mortgage company carries its burden can slow down the process and prevent the mortgage company or bank from winning by default. By using the law to your advantage, you can help protect your interests and prevent a significant loss in many cases. If you would like more information about how we can help, please visit our website.