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Buying time with Chapter 13 bankruptcy

It is not only those who have little in the first place who can experience financial difficulties and struggle to pay off debt. At Macco & Stern, we have seen people in dire straits despite earning a substantial income on a regular basis. Your financial problems may have resulted from circumstances beyond your control, such as an economic downturn. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for those who have the ability to earn enough to pay off their debts but need extra time to do so. 

What is chapter 13?

When you realize you have more debt than you can handle, you may consider filing for bankruptcy in New York to find financial relief. There are many different kinds of bankruptcy and depending on your particular situation, chapter 13 may be a good option. 

Understanding Chapter 13

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy in New York, you usually need to decide what kind of bankruptcy will be best for your situation. At Macco and Stern, LLP, we know it is important for you to understand the fine details about Chapter 13 bankruptcy so you can make an informed decision.

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