It is so easy to charge purchases on your credit card. Sometimes, it is too easy. You see something you really need but do not have the money, so you charge it. You run to one of the many New York shops and see an outfit that you cannot live without but payday is not until next week, so you figure you can just charge it. This can quickly snowball from an occasional charge to reliance on using your cards until the balances become too much to handle. When your credit card debt gets out of control, you have to take steps to avoid a serious financial issue. recommends that you take steps to pay down your credit card debt first. This means that you should also stop using them. If you have more than one card, focus on paying one balance down at a time. You should continue making minimum payments on each card, but try to make a bigger payment on one card to help pay that balance down.

You should also create a savings account. It may be tough to pay all your normal bills, pay down your credit cards and build a savings, but having a savings can prevent credit card debt issues in the future. It gives you a safety net, so if you need extra money, you can use your savings instead of using a credit card. In addition, it provides you with extra money you could use to help pay down your balances. This information is for education and is not legal advice.