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February 2019 Archives

What are today’s most common types of debt?

If you can spend money, you can get into debt. However, not all forms of debt are the same. Some are the result of an unforeseeable emergency, while others stem from unwise spending and charging habits. Some debts can be discharged through personal bankruptcy, and other types are non-dischargeable. You may want to consider filing bankruptcy for certain types of crippling debt, while it may be smarter to restructure and repay other debts. It can help you and other New York residents to make informed decisions before making a decision regarding your debt.

What should I do when my credit card debt is out of control?

It is so easy to charge purchases on your credit card. Sometimes, it is too easy. You see something you really need but do not have the money, so you charge it. You run to one of the many New York shops and see an outfit that you cannot live without but payday is not until next week, so you figure you can just charge it. This can quickly snowball from an occasional charge to reliance on using your cards until the balances become too much to handle. When your credit card debt gets out of control, you have to take steps to avoid a serious financial issue.

Forget these 4 bankruptcy myths

A lot of people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy simply because they have heard some of the common myths one too many times. Their concern is not based on the reality of the situation, but on some misleading piece of information repeated by friends, family members, media outlets and other sources.

How do I recognize predatory lending?

Whether you are repairing your credit after a personal bankruptcy or trying to relieve yourself of crippling debt, predatory lenders may be setting their sights on you. Like other scammers, predatory lenders target the vulnerable and easily exploited – in this case, someone who needs a loan and has few options. You and other New York residents may protect yourselves by understanding how predatory lending companies work.

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