Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney in Long Island

Pulled Into Bankruptcy Litigation And Need Defense?

At the respected Suffolk County law firm Macco Law Group, LLP, we handle a wide range of matters in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York. Our work as attorneys and longstanding court-appointed bankruptcy trustees provides a wide range of understanding of bankruptcy laws from all perspectives.

Representing Third Parties Impacted by Bankruptcy Proceedings

We represent people who often are creditors of individuals and/or corporations, or are being sued in a bankruptcy proceeding. Bankruptcy litigation may be initiated by the trustee, creditors, other businesses, or individuals. You can contact us for counsel on any situation that calls for bankruptcy litigation defense.

With combined legal experience of well over 70 years, attorneys Michael J. Macco and Richard L. Stern have dealt with virtually every type of bankruptcy litigation. Your defense will be in capable hands when you turn to us in situations involving allegationsof:

  • A fraudulent bankruptcy filing
  • Improper transfer of assets — including sales of goods below market value in the period before filing bankruptcy
  • Preferential transfers such as paying off family members, or certain businesses rather than others, at a time or in a manner that may cause creditors to object
  • Co-debtor liabilities that were not acknowledged in a bankruptcy petition

An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests

Bankruptcy trustees have wide latitude to investigate the cases they handle, and bankruptcy litigation must be taken seriously. Whether you are a business alleged to have received preferential treatment, who may be subjected to a lawsuit in a pending bankruptcy proceeding, please contact us to discuss your situation and the best available defense.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code.